Hal Roach, Fred C. Newmeyer
USA 1920
26 min

Arguably one of Lloyd's best two-reel comedies, Number, Please? takes place at a Los Angeles amusement park. It's an unusual day: Mildred is with another man, Harold is desperate to find her lost dog, and Harold and Roy vie to take Mildred for a balloon ride. In the midst of the hilarity are two classic sequences, one involving a phone call gone awry, the other a little boy named Sunshine Sammy and a large coat!

This film is part of the program <filmlink id=\"3029\">Slapstick City</filmlink>.

  • Mark Jones
  • Charles Stevenson
  • William Gillespie
  • Wallace Howe
  • Ernest Morrison
  • Hal Roach
  • Harold Lloyd
  • Mildred Davis
Robert Israel, Hal Roach
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