The Nightmare

Rodney Ascher
USA 2014
90 min

Rodney Ascher made his big-screen debut with the documentary ROOM 237, which gave voice to crazy fan theories about Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING, and in the process explored the ways we interact with films and our assumptions about filmmakers. Now Ascher is tackling a subject that is much closer to home for some people: sleep paralysis. In THE NIGHTMARE, Ascher interviews men and women who suffer from sleep paralysis – where one is awake, but completely unable to move, and sometimes beset by hallucinations – and then recreates these very personal visions and terrors.
“Sleep paralysis is a topic I’ve been interested in personally since it happened to me 15-plus years ago. After ROOM 237, I was scratching my head about where I wanted to go, and had two or three things I was thinking about, and this seemed like the juiciest one after I started researching the topic again. At the beginning we found people cruising through message groups, YouTube videos, and a half dozen books that had been written. And then when the film was announced, people started finding us.” (Rodney Ascher)

  • Rodney Ascher
  • Bridger Nielson
  • Rodney Ascher
  • Jonathan Snipes
  • Ben Spiegelman
  • Evan Ross Murphy
  • Courtney Arthur
Zipper Brothers Films, Campfire Production

Content Media Corporation

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