Bernard Émond
CAN 2005
97 min

Jeanne drives aimlessly through the night, with no particular destination. A doctor, haunted by the murder of one of her female patients and her daughter, which she feels she could have helped to prevent, she is eaten away by a feeling of guilt which stops her from getting on with her life. François, a serene young man, lives with his dying grandmother. Knowing her death is imminent, he decides to undertake a novena. For nine days he prays to Sainte Anne to give his grandmother a little more time. The two protagonists, totally alone in their misfortune, meet by the riverside, in the village of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré. François gentle ways help Jeanne to gradually start enjoying life again, and he persuades her to come and look after his grandmother.

  • Élise Guilbault - Jeanne
  • Patrick Drolet - François
  • Denise Gagnon - Großmutter
  • Isabelle Roy - Lise
  • Stéphane Demers - Lises Ehemann
  • Lise Castonguay - Thérèse
  • Bernard Émond
  • Jean-Claude Labrecque
  • Marcel Chouinard
  • Hugo Brochu
  • Martin Allard
  • Luc Boudrias
  • Louise Côté
  • Robert Marcel Lepage
  • Louise Pilon
  • Sophie Lefebvre
ACPAV 1030 Cherrier, Bureau 404 H2L 2L6 Montreal, Kanada T 514 849 22 81

Les Films Séville 147 rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Bureau 200 H2Y 1Z5 Montreal, Kanada T 514 841 19 10,

35 mm
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