Werner Schroeter
BRD 1968
36 min

Schroeter's films can be divided roughly into three historical phases, which also coincide roughly with changes in format from 8mm to 16mm and then to 35mm. After the first phase, which comprises the 8mm films all made till 1968, Schroeter's first 16mm films, especially Neurasia, can be seen as an extension the earlier 8mm experiments and as a transitional phase. Neurasia is a film full of love, movements and emotions.

This film is screened together with Argila.

  • Magdalena Montezuma
  • Carla Aulaulu
  • Rita Bauer
  • Steven Adamczewski
  • Werner Schroeter
  • Werner Schroeter
Werner Schroeter

Werner Schroeter, Agentur m.a.r.s. Mommsenstraße 17, 10629 Berlin, Deutschland, T 30 30 37 59 19 57,

16 mm
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