Morgan Dews
USA, ESP 2007
76 min

When an unconventional Sixties' Connecticut couple turn to psychiatry for help with their troubled marriage, their lives spiral out of control. Allis and Charley submit themselves and their four children to a daily barrage of group and individual therapies. But things get worse. Pills are prescribed, family members are sent away. The family, as instructed by their doctors, record their discussions and fights. Smart, free-thinking Allis begins to question the therapy. Her heart-wrenching audio diaries tell a story of oppression, abuse and institutionalized misogyny. Remarkably, all of these recordings were preserved, hidden away for Allis's children to discover after her death. The film uses this intimate material combined with home movies and an unusual soundtrack to viscerally reconstruct the familys struggle and to comment on the mores of American culture in the Sixties. The result is brilliant, a searing indictment of the nuclear family and a moving tribute to a woman who fought convention. (Shannon Abel)

  • Morgan Dews
  • Allis and Charley
  • Morgan Dews
  • Brett Graves
  • Morgan Dews
  • Paul Damian Hogan
New York, NY 10014, USA

Morgan Dews 300 West 10th St. 4b T 646 251 3257 Morgan Dews 300 West 10th St. 4b New York, NY 10014, USA T 646 251 3257

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