La Miséricorde de la jungle

The Mercy of the Jungle
Joel Karekezi
B, F 2018
91 min

Two soldiers lost in the deep jungle of Kivu, somewhere between  Congo and Rwanda, in the middle of the Second Congo War. They  were left behind by their army (they’re Rwandan) after an ambush  and must rely on each other to survive in the wilderness. One of  them is a veteran officer and a “war hero”, the other just a regular foot  soldier, young and inexperienced. But when there’s no place to sleep  and nothing to eat, those differences don’t matter anymore.  In his second feature, Joel Karekezi sends these characters  through a series of difficult and strange situations while they try to  survive potential attacks from any one of the armies involved in the  conflict and face the dangers of the unforgiving jungle. They slowly  form a bond that will allow them to share the deepest and most  traumatic experiences they have experienced and to take care of  each other. A classic tale of an unexpected friendship, LA MISÉRICORDE DE LA JUNGLE finds humanity, compassion, and  even beauty in the darkest of circumstances. (Diego Lerer)

  • Marc Zinga - Xavier
  • Stéphane Bak - Faustin
  • Ibrahim Ahmed „Pino“ - Mukundzi
  • Nirere Shanel - Amina
  • Abby Mukiibi - Major
  • Michael Wawuyo - Dorfvorsteher
  • Joel Prynce Atiku Okuyo - Kibindankoyi
  • Kantarama Gahigiri - Kazungu
  • River Dan Rugaju - Captain
  • Joel Karekezi
  • Casey Schroen
  • Aurélien Bodinaux
  • Joachim Philippe
  • Benoît de Clerck
  • Antoine Donnet
  • Line Adam
  • Geneviève Leyh
Neon Rouge Productions, Tact Production

UDI – Urban Distribution International

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