Virgil Vernier
FRA 2014
108 min

With his eclectic collection of shorts, documentaries and the 2012 medium-length movie, ORLÉANS, French filmmaker Virgil Vernier has earned himself a reputation as a director who’s difficult to categorize. That label can certainly apply to his latest feature, MERCURIALES, an amalgam of narrative, verité, fiction and science-fiction that’s held together by a shred of a story, as well as by two alluring young actresses – Ana Neborac and Philippine Stindel – making their screen debut.
Shot on 16mm film by Jordane Chouzenoux, with most scenes using minimal light and natural decors, the movie has the stark, haunting look of archive footage that’s been fished out of the trash can of an unknown future. Further adding to the eerie atmosphere is a score by electronic musician James Ferraro that plays like a John Carpenter soundtrack remixed by a madman. (Jordan Mintzer)

  • Philippine Stindel
  • Ana Neborac
  • Jad Solesme
  • Annabelle Lengronne
  • Sadio Niakate
  • Virgil Vernier
  • Mariette Desert
  • Jordane Chouzenoux
  • Julien Sicart
  • Simon Apostolou
  • Raphaëlle Martin-Holger
  • James Ferraro
Kazak Productions, Arte France Cinéma

Kazak Productions

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