The Tribe
Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy
UA 2014
132 min

Deaf-mute Sergey enters a specialized boarding school. He joins a school gang where the boys mug strangers for money and booze, while the girls turn tricks at a local truck stop. Sergey starts to work his way up and meets Anya, one of the chief ’s girlfriends. The two start to become regular lovers, and Sergey breaks all the unwritten rules of the tribe.
“It’s been my old dream to do homage to the silent movie. To make a film that can be understood without a single voiced word. It’s not that I was thinking about some kind of a ‘existential’ movie in which the heroes would keep silence throughout half the film. Actors were not silent in the silent movie. They communicated very actively through a wealth of byplay and body language. And it is not by incident that most of silent movie stars had come from the pantomime. This is exactly why I’ve always wanted to shoot a film about the life of deaf-mute people. And with the participation of real deaf-mute people.” (Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy)

  • Grigoriy Fesenko - Sergey
  • Yana Novikova - Anya
  • Rosa Babiy
  • Alexander Dsiadevich
  • Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy
  • Valentyn Vasyanovych
  • Sergiy Stepanskiy
  • Valentyn Vasyanovych
  • Vlad Odudenko
  • Alena Gres
Garmata Film Production

Alpha Violet

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