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Black Field
Vardis Marinakis
GR 2010
104 min

Greece in 1654. A seriously wounded Janissary arrives at a cloister situated on a cliff, and the sisters take him in and care for him. Sister Anthi, one of those who tends him, falls in love with the soldier and eventually helps him escape. BLACK FIELD’s premise is a fairly simple one. It is the story of a forbidden love that turns out to be rather unconventional as well. When the wounded janizary is harboured and nursed in a convent, he falls for a very special nun, with whom he elopes, only to uncover the film’s dramatic twist. The catch is, the film has to be set in the 17th century for its dramatic turn of events to be plausible. And what director Vardis Marinakis achieves with his low-budget effort stands as a steadfast reminder that period cinema need not bet the farm on dazzling costumes in order to work. (Joseph Proimakis)

  • Sofia Georgovassili - Anthi
  • Hristos Passalis - Janitschar
  • Despina Bebedelli - Igoumeni
  • Maria Panouria - Pelagia
  • Despina Kourti - Areti
  • Vardis Marinakis
  • Marcus Waterloo
  • Panos Tzelekis
  • Giannis Halkiadakis
  • Dimitris Maramis
  • Giorgos Georgiou
  • Giorgos Georgiou
Highway Productions, Greek Film Center, Lamisalia, 2/35, Nova

Media Luna

35 mm
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