Peter Tscherkassky
Austria 1985
3 min

In Manufraktur, Peter Tscherkassky uses found footage from commercials: mainly women’s legs and cars, which he manipulates on the optical printer. He accelerates the images until they reach a furious speed resulting in a new kind of film space. A tangled network woven with tiny particles of movements broken out of found footage and compiled anew: the elements of the “to the left, to the right, back and forth” grammar of narrative space, discharged from all semantic burden. What remains is a self-sufficient swarm of splinters, fleeting vectors of lost direction. (Peter Tscherkassky)

This film is part of the program Carte Blanche für Siegfried A. Fruhauf.

  • Peter Tscherkassky
Peter Tscherkassky


35 mm
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