Makedonski del od peklot


Makedonski del od peklot

Macedonian Part of Hell

Vatroslav Mimica
YU, 1971
102min, mazOmeU

Bild: Kinoteka na Republika Severna Makedonija Bild: Kinoteka na Republika Severna Makedonija

Makedonski del od peklot

Vatroslav Mimica
YU, 1971
, 102min, mazOmeU

Darko Damevski
Pavle Vuisić
Fabijan Šovagović
Milena Dravić
Neda Spasojević
Ilija Milčin
Petre Prličko
Nikola (Kole) Angelovski
Nada Gešovska
Aco Jovanovski
Slavko Janevski
Pande Taškovski
Vatroslav Mimica
Kiro Bilbilovski
Vangel (Laki) Čemčev

Vardar film, Skopje
35 mm

Vatroslav Mimica began his career as the mastermind behind some of the finest products of the legendary Zagreb school of animated film in the 1950s and early 1960s. He then carried his deliriously playful directorial approach over to live-action film, which resulted most notably in KAJA, UBIT ĆU TE!, an allegorical tale of (fascist) evil and one of the strangest and most beautiful examples of Yugoslavian surrealism. MAKEDONSKI DEL OD PEKLOT represents the pinnacle of yet another stage in Mimica’s career, in which he focused on transformative historical events, and the light of hope that shines even through the thickest darkness. Based on a real-life event from early 1943, MAKEDONSKI DEL OD PEKLOT depicts the atrocities carried out by the Bulgarian fascist occupying forces in Macedonia on the civilian population. Having received information that the inhabitants of a small Macedonian village are hiding a legendary partisan, the fascists threaten to execute twenty-five villagers selected at random, unless they hand over the resistance fighter. Despite all the threats and torture and despite gradually realizing that they ultimately will not be able to escape certain death, the villagers proudly resist. Mimica elevates their heroic stance into a psychologically profound, near-mythological, heartbreaking examination of the clash between the ethics of power and the power of ethics.

On 5.11. with an introduction by Vladimir Angelov.