Special: Rappaport, Robertson, Rousseau

Magazine Mouth

Anne Charlotte Robertson
USA 1983
7 min

In these short films, Anne Charlotte Robertson pursues similar themes she explores throughout THE FIVE YEAR DIARY. She trudges off to work, is hospitalized for a nervous breakdown, eats everything in sight, gets depressed, apologizes for everything, and reflects on the events of 9/11. Some of the films experiment with and expand her more verité DIARY entries: the stop-motion animation of MAGAZINE MOUTH, LOCOMOTION’s “studio” re-enactment of her mental hospital experiences and the therapeutic output of DEPRESSION FOCUS PLEASE. As Robertson explained, “The programme works in the balance of comedy and tragedy. The laughter is bittersweet sometimes, and ironic at other moments, but also conveys a sense of relief at encountering the human condition in art.”

From the collection ot the Harvard Film Archive

Anne Charlotte Robertson

Harvard Film Archive

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