Bruce Conner
USA 2004
22 min

In 1967, Bruce Conner paid a visit to the set of Cool Hand Luke: You get beautiful blurred images, motion streaks, bare-chested male “zombies” shoveling dirt, moody music, behind-the-scenes views; nearly Muybridge-ian, almost dancelike motion-analysis of lumbering extras, key grips, gaffers, best boys, and script girls in jagged slow-motion; punctuating shots of empty canvas chairs and big reflectors; all in chalky and/or glowing colors, plus Paul Newman. Who could ask for anything more? (John Perreault)

This film is part of the short film program Traces of Cinema.

  • Dennis Hopper - Caesar
  • Paul Newman
  • Patrick Gleeson
  • Bruce Conner
Complex Corporation

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The Conner Family Trust
Video (Digi Beta)
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