Lukas nino

Lukas The Strange
John Torres
Philippinen 2013
82 min

LUKAS THE STRANGE is a story of an awkward teenager coming to grips with his own initiation into manhood just when there is a movie shoot in his neighborhood. The story opens several nights before, when Lukas is told that he has a “tikbalang” (half horse, half man) for a father. His father, Mang Basilio, disappears from his life the next day. Soon enough, Lukas’ body reddens, and he wonders if he really is half-beast. The village is in a frenzy when the film crew arrives. Everyone tries to have a part in it. The film is told by Lukas’ friend, Lorena, who is fascinated by this strange boy.

  • Cheeno Ladera Dalog - Lukas
  • Glency Mallillin - Lorena
  • Edilberto Marcelino - Mang Basilio
  • Tao Aves - Melanie Moran
  • Soledad Malenab - Aling Sonya
  • John Torres
  • Sherad Anthony Sanchez
  • Dodo Dayao
  • Albert Banzon
  • Gym Lumbera
  • Theo Lozada
  • John Torres
  • Jorem Lim
  • Whammy Alcazaren
  • Jacyn Esquillon
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