A Little Closer

Matthew Petock
USA 2011
73 min

The debut feature of writer-director Matthew Petock – a former production assistant to Martin Scorsese – is a stunning, note-perfect family drama that recalls Scorsese’s own ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE in its intensely lyrical portrait of a single mother and her two sons eking out a marginal existence in rural Virginia. Working as a house cleaner to make ends (barely) meet, mom Sheryl spends her nights looking for love at a dead-end community dance hall, while 11-year-old Stephen flirts with juvenile delinquency and 15-year-old Marc flirts with a neighbor girl he hopes to bed before the end of the long, humid summer. An uncannily frank American film in its depiction of class and ripening teenage sexuality, gorgeously photographed by Daniel Patrick carbone, A LITTLE CLOSER announces Petock and his gifted cast as dynamic new voices on the indie film scene. (Film Society Lincoln Center) 

  • Sayra Player - Sheryl
  • Parker Lutz - Marc
  • Eric Baskerville - Stephen
  • Chris Kies - Gabe
  • Catherine Andre - Joanna
  • Stephanie Parrott - Ms. Moss
  • Matthew Petock
  • Daniel Patrick Carbone
  • Chris Foster
  • Matthew Petock
  • Anthony Ripoli
  • Travis Tucker III
  • Holly Clarke
  • Holly Clarke
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