Antonin Artaud


Fritz Lang
FRA 1933, 1934
117 min

A good-for-nothing carousel operator, Liliom wreaks havoc on his own life and those of the women who love him. When he falls for beautiful, innocent Julie, Liliom trades in his carnival life and the unrequited love of Madame Moscat for domestic bliss. But later, when he botches a robbery attempt, and cannot face his pregnant wife, he attempts to kill himself. But even that fails. Liliom is refused by the strict gatekeepers of Heaven. He is sent straight to purgatory. There he awaits the sixteenth birthday of his daughter, for which the angels have chosen to give him a second chance to make good.

  • Madeleine Ozeray
  • Florelle
  • Robert Arnoux
  • Roland Toutain
  • Alexandre Rignault
  • Henri Richaud
  • Richard Darencet
  • Antonin Artaud
  • Raoul Marco
  • Alcover
  • Léon Arvel
  • René Stern
  • Charles Boyer - Liliom
  • Fritz Lang
  • nach dem Theaterstück von Ferenc Molnár
  • Robert Liebmann
  • Rudolph Maté
  • Louis Née
  • Eugène Zylberberg
  • Fritz Lang
  • Franz Waxman
  • Jean Lenoir
  • Paul Colin
  • René Renoux
  • Ferdinand Erle
  • Erich Pommer
S.A.F./Fox Europa, Paris

Twentieth Century Fox c/o Hollywood Classics 8 Cleveland Gardens London W2 6HA, Großbritannien T 20 7262 46 46

35 mm
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