Bill Morrison
USA 2004
8 min

In Light Is Calling, a deteriorating scene from James Youngs The Bells (1926) was optically reprinted and edited to Michael Gordons seven minute composition. The aesthetic of Morrisons film is inexorably intertwined with many of Michael Gordons pieces. We watch a decomposing film reel of a soldier who meets a mysterious woman in the woods.
A meditation on the random and fleeting nature of life and love, as seen through the roiling emulsion of an ancient film. Morrisons short was made through the process of reshooting decomposing black and white film, and the result is a dreamy, melting, light-drenched scene.

  • James Young (1926)
  • L. William O'Connell (1926)
  • Luke DuBois
  • Michael Gordon
  • Bill Morrison
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35 mm
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