Peter Callahan
USA 2001
96 min

High school is over, and everybody in the small town just up the Hudson where Jim lives has made plans and moved on everybody except Jim. While his buddies head off to one college or another, Jim rejects their upwardly-mobile choices and takes a job driving for the local cab company instead, which allows him plenty of free time to hang out, drink with the locals at Johns Bar & Grill, and think back on the love affair with a married woman that brought passion and meaning to his life. Drawing partially on events from his own life, Peter Callahan tells a poignant and sometimes hilarious story about what happens when life moves on and youre not quite ready to move with it.

  • Charlie Hofheimer - Jim
  • Laurel Holloman - Cathy
  • Leo Fitzpatrick - Scooter
  • James Rebhorn - Mr. Corcoran
  • Amelia Campbell - Valerie
  • Karen Shallo - Irma
  • Avery Glymph - Craig
  • Thomas Lyons - Bobby
  • Kit Flanagan - Mrs. Corcoran
  • Seth Kanor - Eddie
  • Peter Callahan
  • David Tumblety
  • Dan Sable
  • John Gilroy
  • Mark Kozelek
  • Jeff Nelson
  • Rachel Leah Greene
Sugar Pond FilmsHudson House #260Ardsley, NY 10503, USAT 914 591 4453

Sugar Pond FilmsHudson House #260Ardsley, NY 10503, USAT 914 591 4453

35 mm
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