Sylke Enders
DEU 2001
30 min

The 17-year-old Judith, better known as Kroko, the Queen of the \"hood\", and her \"girls\" have nothing better to do than to terrorize the neighborhood. When she is placed into a home for disabled people by the juvenile courts, she becomes the object of her friend's mockery. The new situation forces her to look at life from a different side.

This film is part of the special program ]]>The Future of Cinema. Selected works from the German Film and Television Academy Berlin]]> and will be shown in DFFB Programm 1.

  • Hinnerk Schönemann - Ben
  • Franziska Jünger
  • Sylke Enders
  • Martina Klein
  • Jakob Wehrmann
  • Silke Dunkhorst
  • Robert Matt
dffb, SFB

Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie, Potsdamer Str. 2, 10785 Berlin, Deutschland, T +49 30 25759,

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