Special: Robert Land

Die kleine Veronika

Robert Land
AUT 1930
70 min

Veronika lives in a Tyrolean mountain village. Her aunt invites the girl to Vienna. No one knows that the aunt lives in a brothel. For the innocent, young girl, the dodgy ambience turn out to be a great danger ... Land is designing a pain, in which anathetic qualities and authentic pictures of Vienna go hand in hand. Probably one of the most beautiful Austrian silent films.

  • Otto Hartmann
  • Maly Delschaft
  • Karl Forest
  • Käthe von Nagy
  • Mizzi Zwerenz
  • Harry Hardt
  • Gustl Werner
  • Artur Ranzenhofer
  • Anny Ranzenhofer
  • Gaby Gilles
  • Anita Muthsam
  • Max Jungk
  • Otto Kanturek
  • Bruno Timm
  • Julius von Borsody
  • KMET
Nero-Film AG, Berlin, Pan-Film AG, Wien
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