Special: Robert Land

Boykott [aka Primanerehre]

Robert Land
DEU 1930
73 min

Bullying among pupils can take drastic forms. Erich Haller, the son of an imprisoned director, is boycotted by his fellow-students. But he is not the only one whose father is involved in criminal activities. Herbert von Pahl can not bear this shame, and chooses a way Erich should avoid. In BOYKOTT, Land deals with a topic that is still relevant today.

  • Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur - Polizeipräsident
  • Theodor Loos - Kriminalkommissar Groeber
  • Magda Schneider
  • Rolf von Goth
  • Lil Dagover
  • Wolfgang Zilzer
  • Erich Nuernberger
  • Karin Evans
  • Harry Hertzsch
  • Austin Egen
  • Robert Land
  • Alfred Schirokauer
  • Eugen Kürschner
  • Franz Koch
  • Alexander Laszlo
  • Franz Grothe
  • Ludwig Reiber
Münchner Lichtspielkunst AG (Emeka)
35 mm
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