Special: Robert Land


Robert Land
ČSSR 1938
87 min

The plot is not new. Lubitsch already adressed the subject "android" 1919 in DIE PUPPE and Fritz Lang 1927 in METROPOLIS. In his last directorial work PANENKA (in German "doll"), Land rewrites the story: Vyr is building a perfect android. But the prototype is damaged before the presentation. His employee Vera has to play the role until replacement is found. But there is none and Vera is caught in the role.


  • Ferenc Futurista
  • Milada Gampeová
  • Jirí Dohnal
  • Vera Ferbasová
  • Josef Gruss
  • Milka Balek-Brodská
  • Robert Land
  • Jan Grmela
  • Ferdinand Pecenka
  • Jára Beneš
Metropolitan-Film, Prag
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