Hiroki Ryuichi
J 2008
125 min

Your Friends shows that a childhood friendship can last a lifetime, in memory if nowhere else. The film examines various sorts of friendships, but its narrative core is a relationship between two girls that begins from conditions neither of them want, but becomes something as essential to them as air. Hiroki's heroines are Emi and Yuka, who begin the film as classmates in elementary school. Yuka has a degenerative kidney disease that make hard exercise dangerous, Emi has a permanent limp from a traffic accident - that was inadvertently caused by Yuka. Emi resents Yuka for this - and her anger reduces Yuka to tears. Emi's heart softens - and the two girls become fast friends, a bond, strengthened by their disabilities, that their healthy classmates can neither understand not share. As they grow to young womanhood, Emi finds herself alone again. But she cannot forget the old friend - or her story about a cloud in the hospital children's playroom that made her feel happy and free. (Mark Schilling)

  • Ishibashi Anna - Emi
  • Kitaura Ayu - Yuka
  • Fukushi Seiji - Nakahara
  • Yoshitaka Yuriko - Hanai
  • Saito Hiroshi nach einer Erzählung von Shigematsu Kiyoshi
  • Ashizawa Akiko
  • Fukada Akira
  • Onaga Masahiro
  • Yamashita Shinji
  • Ogura Hisano
WOWOW 1-5-8, Moto-Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo 107-8080, Japan T 3 5414 8175

Bitters End 3F., 13-3, Nanpeidai, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0036, Japan T 3 3462 0345

35 mm
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