Miguel Gomes
P 2002
19 min

A 20 year old man asks some kids if he can play football with them. They consider this weird and ask him how old he is. When he answers «I'm ten» he is laughed at. But he is going to find another group of kids who are different, just like him ... (One hint: «kalkitos» is a trademark of a decalcomanias set sold in Portugal during the Eighties).

This film is screened together with Cântico das criaturas, Inventário de Natal and Pre Evolution Soccer's One-Minute Dance After a Golden Goal In the Master League.

  • Miguel Gomes
  • João Nicolau
  • Miguel Gomes
  • João Nicolau
  • Miguel Gomes
O som e a fúria

AGENCIA, Auditorio Municipal Pr da Republica, 4480-715 Vila do Conde, Portugal T 1 252 64 66 83,

35 mm
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