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Norio Tsuruta
Japan/Hongkong, 2001
85min, OmeU


Norio Tsuruta
Japan/Hongkong, 2001
, 85min, OmeU

Maho Nonami
Kaoru Yoshimura
Kou Sibasaki
Izumi Miyamori
Grace Ip
Sally Chen
Shunsuke Matsuoka
Tsuyoshi Yoshimura
Kenzo Kawarasaki
Kozo Miyamori
Yukie Miyamori
Yoshiki Arizono
Shusaku Noji
Mizuo Igarashi
Ayumi Noji

Planet Inc. 6/F Akasaka Plaza Building 2-5-15 Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan T 3 5563 0140 F 3 5570 2141
World Sales: 
Emperor Multimedia Group Rooms 3104-9, 31/F Two Chinachem Exchange Square 338 King's Road, North Point Hong Kong SAR, China T 2836 2880 sales@emg.com.hk
Distribution in Austria: 
35 mm/1:1,85/Farbe

Kaoru is determined to find her missing brother Tsuyoshi. A letter from a former classmate, Izumi, leads her to a mysterious backwood village. She is shocked to learn that Izumi died years earlier. As Kaoru watches the villagers prepare for the annual scarecrow festival, she begins to suspect that sinister forces may be responsible for Tsuyoshi's disappearance. Soon, violent nightmares haunt Kaoru's nights, where Izumi pays frequent visits, only she is more menacing and terrifying than reassuring. Quite rapidly, the mystery deepens, and the young woman can't deny the horrific truth any longer. The villagers have found a manner to co-exist with the dead. But at what price?