Laura Amelie Guzmàn, Israel Càrdenas-Ramírez
Dominikanische, Republ, Mexico, DEU 2010
84 min

The Haitian professor Jean Remy Genty is always on the move, looking for work. A graceful figure, he stands out in the crowd: a model Christian. On his journeys we see the changing scenario of the city, its excessive development. Although a job on a building site is a possible option for the unemployed Haitian, Genty does not feel up to it, but rather old and weak. He is looking for something more suited to the intellectual he considers himself to be. But Genty starts to give up hope; he feels the natural need to grow, to have a home, a wife. His desires and his thoughts become confused. Bad feelings start to grow within him, distorting his perception of everyday life. In his despair, he cries out to God for his rightful place. Feeling overstrained by life in the city, he decides to leave for the interior of the island and try to come to terms with himself through his faith and his beliefs and thus give himself and God one more chance.

  • Jean Remy Genty - Jean Remy Genty
  • Yanmarco King Encarnación - Yanmarco
  • Paul Henri Presumé - Polo
  • Nadal Walcott - Landvermesser
  • Lys Ambroise - Ciryl
  • Laura Amelia Guzmán
  • Israel Càrdenas Ramírez
  • Laura Amelia Guzmán
  • Israel Càrdenas Ramírez
  • Ruben Valdez
  • Israel Càrdenas Ramírez
  • Rafael Nuñez
  • Eddy Guzmán
  • Sylvia Conde
  • Patricia Grassals
Aurora Dominicana Canana Films, Bärbel Mauch Film

Aurora Dominicana

35 mm
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