How to Crack Hard-Boiled Eggs

Chy Chi
USA 2016
15 min

Father and daughter in a bar on the edge of the city. He has lost his job, but doesn’t look for a new one. He’s a bum, humming Schlager music at home with his throaty voice. And maybe he cheats on his wife. But in this moment, in this night at the bar, he is ready to talk. A glittering Neo-noir, with subtle irony and a superbe melodramatic touch.

  • Kyong Chi - Father
  • Chy Chi - Daughter
  • Su Jin Chi - Mother
  • Chy Chi
  • Andrea Mereles-Gonzalez
  • Pin-Hua Chen
  • Chy Chi
  • Melody Ymm
Bear Egg Films

Bear Egg Films

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