Spencer Susser
USA 2010
106 min

TJ is 13 years old. Two months ago, his mom was killed in an accident, leaving TJ and his grieving dad to move in with grandma to pick up the pieces. Hesher is a loner. He hates the world – and everyone in it. He has long, greasy hair and homemade tattoos. He likes fire and blowing things up. He lives in his van – until he meets TJ.
Hesher is that rare film that manages to be a completely original vision, a thoroughly entertaining story, and a provocative metaphor. Joseph Gordon-Levitt brings the character of Hesher to life with anger and angst, and Devin Brochu makes quite a splash as the young boy dealing with both the loss of his mother and an unwanted houseguest. Co-writer/director Spencer Susser crafts a multidimensional, darkly humorous film that exhibits an immensely talented storyteller at work. (Trevor Groth)

  • Devin Brochu - TJ
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Hesher
  • Natalie Portman - Nicole
  • Rainn Wilson - Paul
  • Piper Laurie - Madeleine Forney
  • Spencer Susser
  • David Michôd nach einer Erzählung von Brian Charles Frank
  • Morgan Pierre Susser
  • David Esparza
  • Michael McCusker
  • François Tetaz
  • Laura Fox
  • April Napier
The Last Picture Company, The CatchPlay, Corner Store Entertainment, DRO Entertainment, Filmula, Handsomecharlie Films

Nu Image/Millennium

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