José Luis Guerín
ESP, Cuba, I, FRA, Kolumbien, USA, u.a. 2010
133 min

Spanish filmmaker José Luis Guerín documents his experience during a year of travelling as a guest of film festivals to present his previous film. What emerges is a wonderfully humane and sincere portrayal of the people he meets when he goes off the beaten track in some of the world’s major cities. What makes the film so poignant is that Guerín is a humble, respectful observer. He is also naturally curious and following him makes for an enjoyable, thought-provoking experience. Inspired by the Lumière brothers, Guerín continues the tradition of actuality films, registering ephemeral moments during his travels that culminate in a veritable poem about the people and places that film brings him to.

  • José Luis Guerín
  • José Luis Guerín
  • Amanda Solivellas
  • Marisol Nievas
  • José Tito Martínez
  • Gorka Benitez
Versus Entertainment

Versus Entertainment

35 mm
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