Julius Herzka
AUT 1921
87 min

A series of historical vignettes, based on the novel «L'homme qui» rit by Victor Hugo. In early childhood Lord Fermain Clancharlie is abducted by the notorious Comprachicos who disfigure his face and damn him to show the world an everlasting grin. As a grown-up man, named Gwynplaine, he gains a certain kind of fame as an actor on streets and places. Then his real identity is revealed, but what at first looks like the triumph of justice rapidly turns into tragedy.

  • Nora Gregor - Herzogin Josiane
  • Franz Höbling - Gwynplaine
  • Lucienne Delacroix - Dea
  • Franz Weißmüller - Ursus
  • Eugen Jensen - Barkilphedro
  • Arpard Kramer - Dr. Gerardus
  • Fritz Straßny - Dr. Hardquardnonne
  • Susanne v. d. Osten - Lady Dirry-Moir
  • Jimmy Court - Lord David Dirry-Moir
  • Anna Kallina - Königin Anna von England
  • Armin Seydelmann - Lord Bolingbroke
  • Joseph Moser - König Jakob II. von England
  • Robert Valaity - Lord Linäus Claincharlie
  • Louis Nerz (nach dem Roman «L'homme qui rit» von Victor Hugo)
  • Eduard Hoesch
  • Ladislaus Tuszinsky
Olympic Film
35 mm
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