Werner Schroeter
BRD, FRA 1980
89 min

Werner Schroeter created this cinematic view of the Nancy Experimental Theater Festival, taking advantage of the emphasis on «experimental» and thereby mirroring the spirit of the festival in the composition of his film itself. Clips of the performers as they go through their paces (jumping into a fountain at dawn, imitating penguins, satirizing a musical revue, and generally being quite expressive) are intermixed with commentary by Schroeter and Mostefa Djadjam; and interviews are held with characters as diverse as an ex-university professor who is now a street person but has a lot to say about the festival and life in general. This montage of performances, commentary, and interviews has a fitting counterpoint in the musical accompaniment of works by Mahler, Beethoven, Puccini, and other well-known composers. (Eleanor Mannikka)
The most important, the most beautiful and the most inspired film by a German director this year. (Eckhart Schmidt, «Süddeutsche Zeitung», 1980)

  • Mostefa Djadjam
  • Werner Schroeter
  • Catherine Brasier
  • Colette Godard
  • Lew Bogdan und die Theatergruppen und Darsteller André Engel
  • Pina Bausch
  • Sankai Juku
  • Ortrud Beginnen
  • Pat Olesko
  • Kazuo Ohno
  • Kippers Kids
  • Reinhild Hoffmann
  • Groupe Etudiant de Belgrade u.a.
  • Werner Schroeter
  • Franz Weich
  • Christian Betz
  • Werner Schroeter
  • Catherine Brasier
Laura-Film / ZDF

Kinowelt International Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße 10 04107 Leipzig, Deutschland T 341 355 96 0

16 mm
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