Fritz Lehner
AUT 1976
61 min

The program «Ab morgen wird sich alles ändern» («As of Tomorrow Everything Will Change») comprises six Austrian short film debuts: documentary approaches in which the unusual becomes normal, and the normal becomes unusual. Ulrich Seidl's Einsvierzig is «a film about a short man without false pretence of sympathy» (Seidl). The director's second film, Der Ball, takes us into a small town in Lower Austria. Finally, Fritz Lehner's Freistadt offers a lyrical and intimate view of daily life in the Austrian province.

  • Fritz Lehner
  • Xaver Schwarzenberger
  • Sepp Vavra
  • Ulli Schwarzenberger
  • Othmar Jantscher
Fernsehfilmproduktion Dr. Heinz Scheiderbauer für ORF
Video (Betacam SP)
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