Special: 5 Women

Filme von Narcisa Hirsch (Programm 2)


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In the presence of Narcisa Hirsch.

One of the constants in Hirsch’s work is the question of the self and the other, a dynamic that characterized the art of the 20th century: to question the notion that works of art only represent the point of view of the artist involved. Hirsch’s camera is like a prism that decomposes and multiplies the gazes in each shot. That is why some of the shorts in this programme deal with the subject of gender but also represent diverse ideas on the feminine and being a woman that do not necessarily coincide with the director’s experience but stage other people’s problems and gazes. It is important to point out that the plural – the reason why one of her shorts is called MUJERES (Women) – is Hirsch’s way of understanding gender, a place where the autobiographical and the collective merge in a unique space-time flow. It is that search for an image that is, at the same time, interior and exterior – instances superimposed in Narcisa Hirsch’s films, the same way that hallucination and document amalgamate in her
work. (Diego Trerotola)

Narcisa Hirsch
Narcisa Hirsch
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