Special: 5 Women

Filme von Mati Diop


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In the presence of Mati Diop.

ATLANTIQUES is a ghost story, no less delusive than her young protagonists’ hopes for a better life in Europe. In the flickering glow of a bonfire, Serigne from Dakar tells a few friends the story of his voyage to Spain in an overcrowded pirogue; in the meantime, a grave site bears witness of the fact that he actually drowned in the passage. SNOW CANON is set in a luxury chalet in the French Alps. Freely adapted from Stendhal, Vanina is the name of the teenager left behind alone with Mary Jane, her new American nanny. This situation ends up in a tantalizing play of seduction, accentuated by screen shots of a chat among girl friends as well as majestic camera movements gliding across the mountainside. BIG IN VIETNAM starts with a film shooting scene in a forest clearing. Then the Franco-Vietnamese director loses the actor that portrays her Valmont. Henriette pounds the streets of Marseille and meets a fellow countryman in a karaoke bar. Walking along the beach, Sao tells her the story of his adventurous life journey. (Michael Omasta)

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