Ershan Wu
VR, China 2004
90 min

For Chinese standards 32-year-old Wu Ershans feature film debut is an exceptionally grim study on the behavior of people that feel restricted in their movements. In several untied episodes Wu paints a somber picture of a society which seems to have lost its values: Leyi, a boy pestered by his older schoolmates, kidnaps the neighbors little son, whom he used to walk to and from school before, and loses it completely. Mr. Zhang, who has long been suffering from agonizing insomnia, projects his aggressions onto a group of karaoke-hostesses living above him. And a popular TV-cook reveals his darker sides. The title of the film, Soap Opera, is obviously derived from the triviality with which the unpleasant events start to develop and take their course.
(Andreas Ungerböck)

  • Deng Feng - Der Mann
  • Chen Lyi - Le Yi
  • Zhang Hui - Der Nachbar
  • Wu Ershan
  • Guo Daming
  • Liu Yonghong
  • Wang Yu
  • Wu Ershan
  • Feng Jiangzhou
Beijing Frontline Production room D26-B Huangting Jiayuan Bei Sihuan Zhonglu 6 Beijing, China T 10 8284 2140

Honkong King Vision Beijing Office 5 2111 Jiaohang Koujie 9 Dewai Dajie, 100011 Beijing, China T 10 8284 2140

Video (Betacam SP)
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