Nicolas Winding Refn
DK, GBR, CAN 2003
91 min

This is the story of a shopping mall security guard called Harry, whose wife is murdered under mysterious circumstances in the same mall. Harry decides to take on the murder investigation by himself and find out about the strange events surrounding the murder. Discovering the identity of the killer becomes an obsession that forces Harry for example to endlessly go through surveillance camera tapes. He uses them to collect blurred images of possible suspects along with other clues. This way Harry is finally able to construct a complete picture of the murderer, whose pursuit turns out to be a frightening journey.

  • John Turturro - Harry
  • Deborah Unger - Kate
  • James Remar - Peter
  • Stephen McIntyre - Phil
  • William Allen Young - Lawrence
  • Gene Davis - Ed
  • Jacqueline Ramel - Claire
  • Nicolas Winding Refn
  • Hubert Selby Jr.
  • Larry Smith
  • Jens Bønding
  • Peter Schultz
  • Anne Østerud
  • Brian Eno
  • Peter Schwalm
  • Peter De Neergaard
  • Darena Snowe
NWR ApS Jang Go Star ApS Peblinge Dossering 18, kld. th. 2200 Kopenhagen, Dänemark

Moviehouse Entertainment 9 Grafton Mews London W1T 5HZ, Großbritannien T 20 7380 39 99

35 mm
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