Peter Whitehead
GB/USA, 1969
120min, OF


Peter Whitehead
GB/USA, 1969
, 120min, OF

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Peter Whitehead
Peter Whitehead
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16 mm

Whitehead was his own one-man film unit and was fond of asynchronous images and sound, allowing new meanings and feelings to arise from the creative use of incongruity. The exemplar of his approach, the dizzyingly impressionistic essay-movie The Fall, was filmed on the streets of New York between October 1967 and the merry month of May 1968. Like many a 60ies Englishman in America - Hockney, Boorman, Schlesinger, Peter Watkins - Whitehead came to the U.S. equipped with freshly-peeled eyeballs and saw a turbulent, vibrant, violent nation in ways Americans themselves often did not. The Fall is unlike any other record of the period - a time a lot like now, full of anti-war and civil-rights demos and profound national self-examination - perhaps because its very obscurity has kept it fresh. (John Patterson)

I stopped making films in the 70ies, after The Fall, in which I filmed the demos at Columbia University and witnessed close-up the brutality of the police, cracking heads with venom. At that time I thought I could change the world and, by being part of it while it evolved, attach myself to the world as a participator. However, I began to realise that in my role behind the camera, I was simply a voyeur. So if I couldn't change the world, maybe I should change myself. (Peter Whitehead)