Ears, Nose and Throat

Kevin Jerome Everson
USA 2016
10 min

This short documentary of a young African American woman is made of two parts – the titular doctor’s visit, which finds she has a malformed vocal cord which will cause her to grow hoarser as time passes; and the woman’s oral history of witnessing a shooting on her block – interwoven together in image and sound. This clean portraiture offers a lucid approach to an idea of considerable force. Everson both stretches and collapses the distance between the human body as a site for perception and the body as a physical thing that can be damaged. (Daniel Kasman)

  • Shadeena Brooks
  • Dr. Eric Mansfield
  • Dr. Heather Honeycutt
  • Kevin Jerome Everson
  • Lydia Hicks
  • Elizabeth Webb
  • Kevin Jerome Everson
Picture Palace Pictures, Trilobite-Arts DAC

Picture Palace Pictures

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