Deutsche Lebensläufe - Fritz Lang

Artem Demenok
DEU 2007
44 min

Deutsche Lebensläufe - Fritz Lang is a documentary dedicated to one of most famous German filmmakers. Fritz Langs exceptional career in German and American cinema (with a short episode in France) spanned silent and sound film. Metropolis (1927) for example, the futuristic tale of a repressive technological society, is renowned for its special effects and its extravagant sets. In 1933 Lang emigrated to France, before mo-ving on to Hollywood. Artem Demenoks documentary portrays this famous director including interviews with Claude Chabrol, or Jean-Marie Straub.

This film is shown together with Verteidigung der Zeit.


Südwestrundfunk Hans-Bredow-Straße 76530 Baden-Baden, Deutschland T 7221 929 0

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