Dance to the Spirits
Ricardo Iscar
Cameroon, ESP 2010
78 min

Nsola, an Evuzok town in the Cameroonian jungle. Its dwellers are fighting for survival when they are faced with the unstoppable advance of a civilization that still constitutes an attraction for the younger members of the community. But on the other hand the Evozuk still believe that there are two kinds of illnesses: natural ones and those caused by witchcraft. Dansa als esperits sketches the practices of local medicine man Mba Owona Pierre and his enchanted picture of the world: Pierre, who is working as a “witch doctor”, cures illnesses coming from the “dark world”, the so-called “dance of the spirits” is his main healing ritual.
With Dansa als esperits Spanish filmmaker Ricardo Íscar shows the doctor’s everyday life, with his treatments and writing down his thoughts on modernity, religion, and medicine. The film evokes questions about health, medicine and rationality. It’s not the unique locations or the fascinating rituals that make the film transcend the documentary genre, but the secure camera work and beautiful rhythm.

In the presence of Ricardo Iscar.

  • Ricardo Íscar
  • Daria Esteva nach einer Vorlage von Lluís Mallart
  • Ricardo Íscar
  • Sosthène Fokam Kamga
  • Núria Esquerra
  • Raúl Cuevas
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