Cuerpo de letra

Embodied Letters
Julián d’Angiolillo
Argentinien 2015

A huge empty vertical space. It’s a portion of the rough background you see in a highway. It could be left alone, just as it happens all over the world. It could have plants, or it could be a mural. But in Buenos Aires and its surroundings, a highway wall can become – and does so, too often – political propaganda, mere names and last names, or just last names and some nickname, all in giant letters. Brigades that fight each other over these illegal advertising spots are the ones who paint the letters. CUERPO DE LETRA is a fiction charged with a documentary feel, or vice versa. What’s undeniable is d’Angiolillo’s ability to reveal semihidden universes with their own logic, codes, and ranks, even beyond the legality the politicians who use their services claim to defend. Eze, Franky, and Narigón are the protagonists of this story that takes a close look – with a credible, rough, uncomfortable narrative – into territorial conflicts, loyalties, and betrayals. Local micropolitics. (Javier Porta Fouz)

In the presence of Laura Bruno.

  • Julián d’Angiolillo
  • Pablo Chimenti
  • Matías Iaccarino
  • Julián d’Angiolillo
  • Lautaro Colace
Los Andes Cine, El Nuevo Municipio

Los Andes Cine, El Nuevo Municipio

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