Retro: Éric Rohmer


Eric Rohmer
FRA 1996
113 min

In the centre of part 3 of Rohmer's \"4 Seasons-Cycle\" stands a young man, Gaspard, who went to Dinard, a town by the sea in the Bretagne, because he hopes to meet the girl he thinks he is in love with - Lena. Shortly after his arrival he comes into contact with Margot who works as a servant at her aunt's creperie. He spends a long time with her, and discusses the way he feels about Lena but he hesitates to tell the truth about his relationship. The reason is that he isn't quite sure himself. Although he insists he loves Lena, doubts arise...

The film will also be screened in the OmeU version.

Margaret Ménégoz (Les Films du Losange), La Sept Cinéma, Canal+, Sofilmka
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