Como Fernando Pessoa salvou Portugal

How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal
Eugène Green
P, FRA, B 2018
27 min

There are traces of a deep and ironic love for saudade and the city of Lisbon in the work of Eugène Green. Yet, even after writing a book on the country’s great modernist poet Fernando Pessoa, a film dealing with the man and one of his heteronyms comes as a mild surprise from the artist who is usually drawn to baroque remains in the present. In funny and sublime movements the film captures a struggling artist between his business aspirations and poetical principles as well as being a witty portrait of Portugal in 1927, a country torn between the seductions of American soft drinks and catholicism. (Patrick Holzapfel)

  • Manuel Mozos - History teacher
  • Carloto Cotta - Ventura, jung
  • Diogo Dória
  • Mia Tomé
  • Eugène Green
  • Raphaaël O’Byrne
  • Henri Maïkoff
  • Benoît de Clerck
  • Stéphane Thiébaut
O Som e Fúria, Noodles Production, Les films du Fleuve

AGENCIA – Portuguese Short Film Agency

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