Les Combattants

Love at First Fight
Thomas Cailley
FRA 2014
100 min

“I grew up in Aquitaine (France), and I had wanted to film in this region, with its huge forests and lakes, for a long time. The land is flat there, and you never see the horizon because there is always something to break up the landscape, like a dune, a line of trees, or a group of houses. This otherwise peaceful countryside is often stricken by disaster in the form of winter storms and summer fires. That was really my starting point, the idea of tranquil countryside by a still, peaceful lake, which is then battered by a typhoon. This kind of collision, the clash of two opposing elements, is what I envisioned for Arnaud and Madeleine. From there, I imagined the journey of these two diametrically opposed characters, who would come together and push the boundaries of possibility.” (Thomas Cailley) 

In the presence of Thomas Cailley.

  • Adèle Haenel - Madeleine
  • Kévin Azaïs - Arnaud
  • Antoine Laurent - Manu Labrède
  • Brigitte Roüan - Hélène Labrède
  • William Lebghil - Xavier
  • Thomas Cailley
  • Claude Le Pape
  • David Cailley
  • Antoine Baudouin
  • Lilian Corbeille
  • Lionel Flairs
  • Benoît Rault
  • Philippe Deshaies
  • Paul Chapelle
  • Ariane Daurat
Nord-Ouest Films

Bac Films

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