Didi Bruckmayr
AUT 2005
5 min

A digital construct, as beautiful as a mirror ball, rushes into the viewers eye. It jumps back violently and recommences with a new start. Accompanied by modified percussion sounds and computer-supported electronics, it continues tirelessly its repetitive collision course with the viewers senses. Like a meteorite shower manipulated by an invisible hand, collider 2 plumbs the depths of the virtual space and its dynamics. A cosmos is measured and contorted with lines and letters, and in a state of constant transformation spits out a ringing geometric landscape.

Part of the short film program The Influence of Light

  • Burkhard Stangl
  • Werner Dafeldecker
  • Didi Bruckmayr
Didi Bruckmayr

Sixpack Film, Neubaugasse 45/13, 1070 Wien, T 1 526 09 90,

Video (Betacam SP)
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