Retrospective 2015

Clash of the Wolves

Noel M. Smith
USA 1925
74 min

Lobo, half dog and half wolf, is the leader of a wolf pack, and the ranchers have put a price on his head. David Weston, a young borax prospector, befriends him after removing a thorn from his paw. Dave and his sweetheart, May Barstowe, disguise Lobo with beard and boots. He repays his new master’s kindness by defending him against the attacks of chemist Borax Horton, who covets Dave’s claim and sweetheart. “The first Rin Tin Tin, who along with his heirs starred in numerous films and television series, was discovered during World War I, by Corporal Lee Duncan in France. Contacting every studio in Hollywood with a Rin Tin Tin-starring script, Duncan unexpectedly stumbled onto a low-budget, Warner Bros film crew having difficulty shooting an exterior scene with a wolf. Duncan quickly approached the director and told them that Rinty could do the scene in one take. True to his word, Duncan’s ‘wonder dog’ did the scene in one take and both were hired for the entire shoot of MAN FROM HELLS RIVER. The film was a hit and Rin Tin Tin was a sensation, making 26 pictures for Warners while starring in his own live 30’s radio show ‘The Wonder Dog’.” (Michael Stevens)

Piano: Gerhard Gruber

  • Rin Tin Tin - Lobo
  • Nanette - Lobos Companion
  • Charles Farrell - Dave Weston
  • June Marlowe - May Barstowe
  • Heinie Conklin - Alkali Bill
  • Will Walling - Sam Barstowe
  • Pat Hartigan - William Borax Horton
  • Charles A. Logue
  • E. B. Dupar
  • Alan Thompson
  • Clarence Kolster
  • Esdras Hartley
  • Lewis Geib
Warner Bros.
35 mm
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