Retro: Chantal Akerman


Chantal Akerman
FRA 1996
64 min

When asked to provide a documentary for the Cinema of Our Time television series, noted Belgian director Chantal Akerman half seriously suggested she do an autobiography on herself, in part because other directors had adequately covered the subjects for the series that most interested her. Her original idea was to simply splice clips (which reflect her versatility and include segments from her short films and her television work) from her films together without narration, but her producers insisted that she comment upon her large body of work that ranges from the late '60s through contemporary times. She followed their wishes, but in keeping with her filmmaking style, her comments are diary-like, focusing on the small and mundane, adding little insight into her work, something that will not bother fans of her work.

This film is screened together with <filmlink id=\"3908\">Portrait d’une jeune fille de la fin des années 60 à Bruxelles</filmlink>.

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