Retro: Chantal Akerman

Les ANNéES 80

Chantal Akerman
FRA, B 1983
79 min

<![CDATA[<i>]]>Les Années 80<![CDATA[</i>]]> marks the turning point in Chantal Akerman's career. It stands as the end of her more experimental films of previous years and as the beginning of her more mainstream efforts of later years. The bulk of the film consists of auditions and rehearsals for a musical. In the final act, we get to see some segments of that musical. It's a wholly original and brilliant motion picture experience. Like most of Akerman's films, though, it's not for everyone. Her films are experiences for those who aren't into mainstream cinema. The songs in the film are catchy and unforgettable, and it's a special treat to see Akerman herself pop in a few times and give the performers some direction.

Paradise Films, Abilène, Paris
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