Albert Serra
ESP 2008
98 min

Selected examples of a New Cinema

El cant dels ocells tells the mythical story of the Three Wise Kings traveling in search of the Messiah who has just been born. «I wanted to continue along the same path as Honor de Cavalleria but in a more abstract sense. I felt that the next film should be different. We decided to shoot far away. I went on a reconnaissance trip to Iceland, the Canary Islands and France the week before the shoot. I was looking for austere, serene locations where I could record sound directly without any noise. I don't like the modern world. Honor de Cavalleria had a strong dramatic dimension to it, with two very different characters, even if their relationship remained straightforward. It was in reaction to that, that I chose to make a film based on the Three Wise Men - there were three, four or twelve depending on the source. Nobody knows if they were kings, or magicians, we know nothing about them at all in fact. It was ideal: landscapes and characters I knew nothing about.» (Albert Serra)

  • Montse Triola
  • Lluís Carbó
  • Lluís Serrat Masanellas
  • Lluís Serrat Batlle
  • Mark Peranson
  • Victoria Aragonès
  • Albert Serra
  • Jimmy Gimferrer
  • Neus Ollé
  • Joan Pons
  • Jordi Ribas
  • Àngel Martín
  • Albert Serra
  • Pau Casals
  • Jimmy Gimferrer
  • Jimmy Gimferrer
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Capricci Films 27 rue Adolphe Moitié 44000 Nantes, Frankreich T 2 40 89 20 59

35 mm
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