Tribute: Peter Hutton

Boston Fire

Peter Hutton
USA 1979
5 min

IN MARIN COUNTY approaches the subject of America’s ecological disaster as a comic yet bizarre vision. The tradition of old MacDonald’s farm has long since disappeared and in its place are bulldozer and insect sprays. Our fascination with these mechanized wonders of civilization may well prove to be more lethal than we would have imagined. (Whitney Museum of American Art). Hutton’s early film JULY ’71 is a joyful, affectionate diary of the people and places Hutton encountered while living in the Bay Area. NEW YORK NEAR SLEEP consists of a series of beautifully photographed, deserted, mostly urban spaces. FLORENCC is a contemplative study of light and shadows, textures and planes, that makes beautiful use of the tonal qualities of black and white film. (Ken Deroux) FOR BOSTON FIRE Hutton grabs his camera and films a downtown fire. “I was stunned at how perfectly all of the elements – smoke, people, fire, water, darkness – came together as though purposely choreographed into a cinematic dance. Peter’s genius at framing was never more apparent; a horrific accidental event had become an engrossing expression of the complexities and ambiguities of life.” (Steve Anker)

16 mm
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